Tips and Tricks to excel in E-Commerce

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Tips and Tricks to excel in E-Commerce

With new brands and products emerging every day, the online marketplace are clustered and most of the time, same products are often sold by different vendors. Although it is perfectly normal for this to happen as everyone wish to be on sail with good selling items, sellers always find themselves involved in a price war hopefully to win over consumers heart, which is not healthy to the company as profit margin are lowered. So you how do you persuade viewers or customers to convert to your company instead of other? Here are 5 tips and tricks that will set your company on the right track to convert and persuade viewers in buying your products instead of others.


  1. Spend More Time On Photography

High-quality photography is critical. For product photography, many experts endorse plain white backgrounds with detailed shots of each item. It is important for seller to showcase the products in full details as pictures is your only way of communicating with viewers and played the most important factor of converting view to sales.

It does not end there, a lasting and recognizable reputation in your listings are important as well. The fact that only white background does not amount to a particular distinctive impression. Whereas images with unique photography style and consistency will be much more recognizable and will instantly leave a deeper impression on viewer.


  1. Give a Little More

Customers love it when a company goes the extra mile to show its appreciation. Sellers should always add a little extra something, whether a simple thank-you note or a small gift packed into a shipment, to give their customers something unexpected so they want to return again.

Sellers can toss in small free gift items, thank-you note, or even vouchers to be used in physical stores (If seller own retail shops) as a way to show appreciation to customer. A small token in exchange for a long and lasting customer. Totally worth it!


  1. Feed The Customer As Much As You Can

Comes right after products photo, sellers should focus on the products description. As consumers only interact with the screen of their smartphone or desktop, it is very important that sellers could provide as much details as possible about the products.

A basic format that a seller should always follow is to answer the below questions in the product description:

  • What is it? – The name of the product, an overview on the use of it. Seller should also provide the size dimension, so customers will know what to expect.
  • Why do I need it? – An explanation of why is the product useful and how does it benefit the customers. Here, seller can explain in depth on the advantages of the products.
  • How does it work? – Given if the product need a user guide, here would be the best part to talk about it.
  • What more should I know about this product? – Extra information that the customers should know. For example, license certificates, safety measures, special features, warranty periods and so on. This is to boost customer confident and convince them to purchase the product.

In a perfect scenario, all the above should be explained in minimum words and maximum photos or videos. As research suggest that viewers are much likely to read and further explore when there are photos and videos.


  1. Get Involve and Engage With Customers

Sellers should consider in getting involve and engage with customers more often to increase exposure, popularity and recognisability. Involve in online community and campaigns are one of the best and easiest way to get started.

Social media mediums like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is the best platforms available for sellers to engage with their customers or potential customers. Sellers with Facebook Page or Instagram Page tend to be much more popular compared to others. This is due to their continuous involvement with communicating and understanding their customers. Customers will definitely feel much more secure when they purchase from their online stores, knowing that there are people who can help them when they faced any issues like products enquiries or return and refund.


  1. Clearly state the company’s policies.

Companies must have clearly defined policies and protocols in place to make their customers confident that their buying experience will be fun and painless.

When companies clearly outline policies for shipping and handling, returns and customer service, customers know that they are dealing with a serious business that is honest, diligent and trustworthy.

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