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Top Marketplace Platforms Currently In Malaysia.

The vibrant economy and ultra-modern infrastructures of Malaysia makes it one of the popular spots for executing e-commerce transactions across South East Asia.  It is estimated that nearly thirty percentages of e-commerce transactions are sourced from Malaysia. This is due to the infrastructural facilities like websites and several digital applications. The country has continued to evolve in terms of sales and percentage of online shoppers thereby attracting the foreign countries to invest in the Malaysian market. Now let us discuss some of the leading market place platforms located at Malaysia.


Lazada Malaysia

Lazada Malaysia is a private e-commerce company, which was commissioned by Rocket Internet back in the year 2011. The estimated monthly traffic of the company is about 30,000,000. It is currently one of the leading online department stores, which enable the retailers to sell their products. The arsenal of Lazada Malaysia is well equipped with branded products. The company offers attractive deals and discounts to their valued customers. They had expanded their branches in other South-East-Asian countries such as Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

One of the major benefits of shopping via Lazada Malaysia is that they provide attractive benefits. They provide a range of products placed in various categories such as fashion, electronics, health and beauty, home and living. A range of sellers and suppliers operates this platform.


Shopee Malaysia

Shopee is a Malaysian based e-commerce platform with an estimated traffic of 12,500,000. The company had extended their branches to Taiwan. It is an amazing platform which is tailored to meet the needs and preferences of people residing in South East Asia and Taiwan. The customers can seamlessly execute online shopping by browsing through the official website of the company. The company is blessed with a team of skilled professionals who provide constant support to assist their valued clients. The customers may download the Shopee app directly from the Google Play Store or App store. Shopee Malaysia aims to building a healthy relationship between the prospective buyers and sellers. The company is striving to facilitate the customer experience since majority of the e-commerce transactions are executed through various mobile applications like Android, Black Berry and Smart Phones.

Most of the customers prefer to shop online and avail discounts. The company provides ‘a daily flash sale’ which supplies various products at special promotional prices. The customers can take advantage of the coupon promotions available for certain items on a periodic basis. They offer a range of products at an unbeatable price. Some of the top categories include toys and games, apparels and accessories.


11Street Malaysia

11th Street Malaysia is the second biggest e-commerce portals of Malaysia. The estimated monthly traffic is about 10,000,000. It is yet another leading online department store, which allows the retailer to supply their products at competitive rates. 11th Street Malaysia that opened its doors to the public back in the year January 2015 is headquartered at Kuala Lumpur Sentral, Malaysia. Nearly four lakh sellers are offering services to more than thirty million customers. The annual turnover of this company is about six-billion dollars. The company had very recently opened a new branch in Turkey and Indonesia respectively.

They specialize in the supply of numerous products such as Fashion, electronics, kids sporting equipments, Leisure and sports, books, home and living etc. The company launched a brand new feature known as ‘Shocking deal’ which supplies goods at nominal rates.

11th Street Malaysia had introduced an E-Commerce education center named ‘Seller Zone’ based in Malaysia. They serve the customers by providing training facilities to the sellers. Furthermore, services like relaxation and entertainment zones, professional photography studios and a separate section for accessing internet. Google Malaysia and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) are some of the companies who conduct each training sessions.


Lelong Malaysia

The estimated traffic at is about 600,000. It is another top e-commerce portal where Consumer-to-Consumer and Business-to-Consumer transactions are performed on a regular basis. It is currently operated by a Malaysian company ‘Interbase Resources Sdn.Bhd. The company had initially commenced its operations as an auction site back in the year 1998. Later, it emerged as one of the top online marketplaces in Malaysia[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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