Zero Rated GST Update for Lazada

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Hey Lazada sellers, are you ready for GST reduction on 1st June 2018?

Take this opportunity to readjust your products pricing to improve your competitiveness and increase your sales! If you are not sure what to do, or how to do it? Check out the step by step guide below provided by Lazada, or, log in to your seller centre and find the PowerPoint deck there!

First, let’s see how you should price your product.

Depending on how you price your products previously, the changes you should make in the upcoming GST reduction may vary. Below show an example of an item price of RM2000 in two different scenario.

Scenario (1) – Where RM2000 is already inclusive of 6% GST

Scenario (2) – Where RM2000 is exclusive of 6% GST. Meaning in this case, your selling price is RM2000 + 6% GST = RM2120

Scenario (1)

Scenario (2)


After you’ve decide on the new price. Below is the guide for you to update your Tax settings.

There are two ways to do this – Single Update & Mass Update

Typically, we would recommend sellers to do it by Mass Update (at least that’s how we do it) as it is much quicker and you will be able to save up more time.

Single Update


Mass Update


Also, just in case you need a guide in changing your products price in mass, check out below


Woots! You’re all good to go now!

We hope you will find this post useful and with the new pricing, we wish you happy selling!!

Note: We do not own any material provided by Lazada.

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