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Logistics Service

Optimize your supply chain with our comprehensive Logistics Service, ensuring efficient, cost-effective warehousing, distribution, and stock management.

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Logistic Service

“It takes hours to queue up at post offices to deliver my customers’ orders!”

“I don’t have sufficient space to store my inventory…”

“I have to list out the names and orders one by one from several e-commerce platforms before delivery, and it takes forever!”

It’s Alright!

We’ve Navigated the Challenges

Inventory Storing
Red Dino’s warehouse features CCTVs, guards, fire prevention, flood measures, and state safety compliance for secure, cost-effective storage.
Inventory Management

Red Dino monitors, tracks, and reports stock levels for precise fulfilment of customer orders, minimising discrepancies from inaccurate stock displays.

Daily Order Lists Gathering and Organisation
We collect your order lists in real-time daily through our system to ensure no order is overlooked.
Order Fulfilment
Red Dino helps you manage product packing before shipping, streamlining e-commerce for you and freeing up time and energy for business growth.
We’ll strategically distribute your goods to different trucks and locations for efficient transportation to various locations on time.
Direct Doorstep Delivery
We manage last-mile delivery ourselves, ensuring top-notch logistic service quality and taking responsibility for any related issues.
Why Choose Us?
Warehouse Service

We offer ample space equipped with comprehensive security systems, incl. CCTVs, security guards, and fire and flood prevention measures, all at a competitive price for storing your goods.

Peninsular-Wide Delivery

We deliver your customer orders across the entire span of West Malaysia, from the northernmost to the southernmost region.

In-House Delivery Service

We oversee the entire logistics process, offering order tracking via our system.

You can also minimise communication hassles by directly reaching out to Red Dino for delivery updates or any necessary service assistance.

Who Should Engage

We offer comprehensive support to enterprises across industries, aiding in strategic advancements tailored to your unique goals and challenges.

You seek reliability

Businesses seeking an experienced and dedicated team to manage logistics matters

You want to build a team

Businesses that lacks a team to organise orders from multiple e-commerce platforms and ensure timely delivery

You seek storage solutions

Businesses that don’t have room for inventory storage and are looking for a warehouse partner

You expect cost-effective talent

Businesses aiming to have an experienced team with reduced hiring costs


Engage a logistic partner you can rely on. Every day, we build trust through communication, transparency, and results.

The Red Dino

Logistics Solution

Detailed warehouse rates on consultation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our services. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat with us!

Red Dino’s Logistic Service offers an experienced team to assist your business in gathering and organising order lists from various e-commerce platforms, mitigating the risks of order oversight.

Additionally, we manage the delivery process in-house, providing a parcel tracking system that significantly reduces the costs and communication and operational hassles.

Managing order delivery is highly labour-intensive and time-consuming, resulting in increased operational costs.
Red Dino boasts an experienced team capable of overseeing the entire process from A to Z, guaranteeing timely delivery of customer orders, which has a direct impact on your business’s reputation!
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